Saturday, November 24, 2012

NEW windows - you knew that
NEW doors - you knew that too
NEW drain pipes
NEW water pipes
NEW wires
New holes!!! 
YUP New holes

That is the living room?
Redneck beat holes 
all over the house.
See the new wires in the wall?
The old wires had a lot of illegal splices - very dangerous
It has taken a lot longer and a whole lot more work than just running a couple extra circuits to the kitchen like we thought.

This will be the inside 
of the 
down stairs
Redneck has put 
in drain pipes, 
water pipes 
and wiring!!! 
The othe
side of the 
wall will 
be the kitchen.
The new drain pipes 
are a lot better 
looking than the
ugly old pipes.
If you scroll 
back a ways
you can see 
them if you 
really want to.    
Pex was used for 
the new water pipes
Pex is cheaper than
copper and less likely 
to get stolen. 
Can you guess which pipes carry hot and cold water?
This is the work still in progress.
Redneck has been running 
wires to the attic, 
the second floor, 
the first floor, 
the laundry room 
and the outside lights 
for weeks now.   
Maybe months or decades... 
It is much harder to rewire an old house
than to wire a new one.  Messier too.
This is the wall in the bedroom
A lot has changed here, too  - 
Lots of drain pipe, water pipe and wires but if you look inside 
the bathroom the only 
difference is 
Crazy isn't it.

As soon as the wiring gets done we will need to put in some more insulation - the house has some but some has settled and some places never got any. 

Also some time soon we will need to rent a dumpster to get rid of the trash. Believe me there is trash. I think that first picture is old linoleum from the kitchen floor. Then there is still trash here and there lots of it. Oh and I haven't looked in the garage in a while. Trash in there too. 

Maybe I should sell pictures of trash for modern art. EEWW. 
Maybe Redneck will post something wordy in a while.