Saturday, June 16, 2012

the sag in the floor

There is a sag in the kitchen floor - spongy - Redneck found a rotted joist in the basement. He has plans to  put in some new wood with some jacks to hold it up.

At one point I left to to other things - there was only so much I could do... Redneck came running over very excited. He said he got rid of something. "What?" I asked. He said "I got rid of the stink!!!" Oh that. UH. "How did you do that???"   Anyway someone never got the drain pipe vent put together drain was venting into the wall. Redneck stuffed some plastic in the hole for now. Much more pleasant around there.
kitchen walls

Yesterday Redneck was poking holes in the kitchen walls. When I went over to inspect his work we decided to remove the plaster from one wall - one wall led to another... sigh. I pulled out nails. It will be much easier to repair the plumbing and up date the wiring and much easier to get the walls looking good.
kitchen cabinets

Well, not exactly......  If you scroll far enough you can see the kitchen. Old metal cabinets - lots of yuck... There has been a LOT of discussion about those yucky old metal cabinets. For Mother's Day we had a cook out in the yard - it is a nice yard and we might as well enjoy it - we are paying taxes on it... Anyway my BIL and sister hadn't seen the place so we gave them the 5 cent tour. BIL restores old cars - I think he mostly paints them. Anyway he looked over the cabinets and pronounced them salvageable. Yup they do need a paint job. He suggested a place we could have them soda blasted. Redneck took them down and parked them in the once clean garage. They await some TLC. Note the linoleum on the floor - ain't that purty - it was under several layers of tile and de-laminated plywood.
scrap metal

Redneck  has hauled recyclable metal to the scrap yard. More is waiting for Dumpster Day. D day cometh... creepy stuff left... If you scroll down to last year you can see the mess - all the tile is gone - the floor has been hosed - mold has been gone for a year now. More clean up coming at some point.
attic hole

Redneck made a real attic hatch - somebody knocked a hole through the drywall in the closet ceiling... He framed it in and made a cover - improved it. Then he repaired the wire splices he could see that did not meet code. He has looked in all of the nooks and crannies to see what there is to see I guess.

some 1/2 inch size pieces of plaster

Redneck drilled holes all over the walls to see if there was insulation. There was some...  he drew rings around the holes where there was no insulation once the wiring and plumbing are fixed up some insulation can be added to those places.
Redneck has replaced most of the windows. It was replace and insulate or repair and freeze in the winter. Repair was going to take a lot of time and to replace it would cost a lot of money. Replace won out in the end. There were windows with bullet holes, windows that just purely needed to be reglazed before they fell out. Some windows weren't too bad - All of the windows needed to be repainted. Now the window trim needs to be repaired and painted. We took down most of the Christmas lights - the ones by the poison ivy are still up...