Saturday, June 16, 2012

kitchen cabinets

Well, not exactly......  If you scroll far enough you can see the kitchen. Old metal cabinets - lots of yuck... There has been a LOT of discussion about those yucky old metal cabinets. For Mother's Day we had a cook out in the yard - it is a nice yard and we might as well enjoy it - we are paying taxes on it... Anyway my BIL and sister hadn't seen the place so we gave them the 5 cent tour. BIL restores old cars - I think he mostly paints them. Anyway he looked over the cabinets and pronounced them salvageable. Yup they do need a paint job. He suggested a place we could have them soda blasted. Redneck took them down and parked them in the once clean garage. They await some TLC. Note the linoleum on the floor - ain't that purty - it was under several layers of tile and de-laminated plywood.

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  1. I have these same cabinets in my house. Were you able to find replacement hinges? Do you know the brand name of these cabinets? I am trying to salvage my cabinets as well but the hinges are pretty rough. I have stripped the paint off and plan to clear coat them if I can figure out a solution for the hinges.