Tuesday, September 20, 2011

THE Bucket List?

This house has been on hold for a while and the hold will continue awhile. The Redneck has been doing some paying work. The guys both got jobs. I had poison ivy or maybe Virginia Creeper rash all summer. Lately we have been clearing out some more trash. We took several loads to the dump. We put out trash every week in our Indianapolis trash ration can (We get one can a week) We have taken water logged electronics to a recycle place. Saturday we took a big load of house and garage chemicals and dead florescent tubes to the recycle place & put out more trash. I think we have spent about 4 days burning trash from the basement. There is STILL trash. The attic rooms have been pretty much cleared out. There are 2 boxes of coat hangers still there. I haven't cleaned up there yet. The shoes and clothes went to Goodwill. The local junk man came and got the refrigerators - he even hauled off the one that had been in the flooded basement. We still have a huge over growth of weeds. We cut them all down in July - got PI rash (or what ever) and the weeds grew back before we got the rashes gone. There are trees growing in the basement window wells. We cut them down to 1 ft in July - they are over 6 ft tall again. Mulberry. Someone was a gardener. There are lots of peony plants, other bulbs, azalea, butter fly weeds, day lilies, and naked ladies among others. I am wanting to post pictures when we get the place cleaned out more. We have also been making a bucket list. So far the short list is clean out junk... get rid of weeds... anything beyond that is dreams at this point. When we get some more clean up done I'll make some more pictures.

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