Sunday, July 17, 2011


When we first bought the blue house in the tax sale we were talking with our friends at length about the tax sale and how we found it - how the tax sale worked - how we searched to see that it didn't have a bunch of liens - how many houses were sold, etc. Their young adult sons were in on the conversation.... Forward to a couple weeks ago. I found a video that impressed me so I forwarded it to my friends.
They searched some more, found more videos and a web site
Then they shyly asked if they could volunteer work for Phil and in exchange learn some skills. Wow! That was brave! What a place to start - they have battled tall weeds just to get in the place. muck. water. trash. stink. poison ivy. hot sticky weather. mosquitoes. and so on.
I've been very impressed with the work they have done so far. They have stuck with it through all the worst yucky muck and mess and horrid smells so far. That's right they keep showing up! I'm impressed Dark Grif and Black Drake!!! I hope this basement will be the dirtiest job you see in this project. There is nowhere to go but cleaner now is there?

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  1. still battling weeds and muck and junk July 26, 2011