Sunday, July 1, 2012

Holes and more holes and holes yet to be created. Pipes with pin holes. Drains with holes. Walls with holes. Walls with no plaster. Floors with holes. Holes everywhere. We thought we would not have much new. Ha. It now has new doors and windows.  This house will have all new pipes and new walls bath and kitchen walls. There is a huge sag in the kitchen floor. This will have have old rotted flooring removed, it will have to be jacked from the basement and new plywood put on the floor. I'm sure this would be very expensive if we hired it to be done. Redneck is doing it himself. This picture is shot from the same corner as the last picture I took. This is the kitchen. On the left is the bathroom - no walls. You can see the stink pipe on the left but the other pipes have been removed. The drain pipes have to be sawed out. Redneck went around and propped them up so they don't all fall down when he cuts them. Many leaks and holes. Gas pipes were removed as well. Kind of scary to think about holes in gas pipes isn't it.

This picture is in the basement. Rather rusty drain pipe isn't it? We have been trying to figure out what to do with the cast iron thing on the left. Any ideas? I suggested painting it wild colors and laying it on it's side maybe something to keep it steady and use it to sit on...   

This is the upstairs bedroom right now.... The other side of the wall is the bathroom. We need to rent a dumpster - well correction. We have been needing to rent a dumpster.... Now for sure. Plaster, carpets, dead windows, etc . Pipes can go to the salvage yard.  I'm thinking about keeping a couple windows to decorate just for fun. Redneck saved the cool window topper from the first floor bathroom - somewhere...  This puts a new wrinkle on cleaning a bed room doesn't it???

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