Sunday, July 1, 2012

This is a pile of first floor bathroom fixtures yet to be cleaned and someday reused - well not everything. Some of that stuff will go in a dumpster or make a trip to the scrap yard. The pedestal sink will go into another house - we found one just like the one in the upstairs bathroom for the first floor at Menard's. Everything will need a good clean up.

Upstairs bathroom: We sort of like the pink tiles... Kind of oddly done. I just wish they had done them right from the start. The tub will have old caulk removed then be re-caulked, the loosely fitting plastic sheets above the pink tile have to be removed and something else put in. I just wonder if there will be more holes... We need to figure that one out BEFORE we rent the dumpster. I'm thinking a good shower curtain all the way around? The ceiling above slopes - you can't see it in the picture. This bath tub and sink are in a roof slope area. At least the toilet isn't in the roof slope area - nice for when you get up in the night I guess. The mirror and lights must have been really nice - either the previous owners took them when they moved out (ha) or they were stolen (likely). There was an extra mirror in the first floor bath. I think it will move up here. Menard's has a few neat 1950s looking light fixtures maybe we'll put one in here one day unless we find something that looks right at the thrift store or garage sale or antique store...

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